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My Fur Babies

Not bookmarks, but here just because I love them. 

The brave and courageous Harry, a maltese-shihtzu cross.

When he was about twelve, Harry didn't walk for about eight months, he had a virus which affected his nervous system. He is back on his feet now, not quite as good as before, but he is getting on a bit now. He still defends the house when someone walks past, if he happens to be in the yard, which is not so much these days. 

When Harry was sick, I took him to K9 Swim, Hydrotherapy and Wellness Centre, and I am sure the swimming got him back on his feet more quickly. Swimming is excellent exercise for dogs, even if they are well and the staff are fabulous  and very caring about their clients.

A rescue dog, I think Harry is about 13 years old.


Sally, Jack and George: coming soon. 

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